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Brevi was born in 1954 from the passion for plastic and metal working of the founder Giuliano Brevi, with the collaboration of the brothers Attilio and Romano. An intuition gave life to the company: no longer wood, but plastic and metal as raw materials for products related to the world of children, starting with high chairs and cots. From the creativity of its founder, an entrepreneurial activity has developed characterized by innovation in style and products that have been part of the daily life of parents for several generations.

Brevi is born, a company that from its very first steps combines innovation and passion in a family dimension that defines its identity.

Grembolone, the first high chair with an enveloping shell in polyurethane foam without rigid parts inside. Innovative for the time, it was presented to the public through a television campaign.

Scout, the world’s first folding bed.

Weekend and Travel B, the first sun loungers in Europe with umbrella and bag closure.

Idea, the first chest of drawers in the world with tub and changing table on the same floor.

A new factory is inaugurated in Grumello (Bergamo).

The company expands. A new production unit is inaugurated in Palosco (Bergamo).

Brevi expands its range and offers the public 8 models of strollers and prams.

Slex is born, the multi-position baby food chair, and with it a new way of being together at the table. In a few years it proves to be a commercial success.

Soft & Play was born, the first boxes that integrate a play mat and an activity center.

The unification of the production units is carried out: a new industrial site for a total of 35,000 m² covered. The new headquarters made it possible to integrate the design and production phases in a single plant and to expand the logistical ones, with the creation of 15 flaps.

Brevi adopts the Lean production method, an industrial philosophy inspired by the Toyota Production System, which aims to minimize waste until it is eliminated.

OKI b.fix, the first car seat in Europe antimicrobial, antiallergic and breathable.

Hello Kitty Collection, the meeting between Brevi design and the most loved pop icon on the planet. Launch of the new range of antimicrobial car seats.

Slex becomes Slex Evo, an integrated system for baby food, bedtime and relaxation from birth to preschool age and beyond.

Keith Haring Collection, the meeting between Brevi design and the cult artist of graphitism.

Boomerang, the new city stroller. The designer wins the prestigious Red Dot Award.

Althea and Miou, the new swings equipped with remote control and dual power supply; Brevi expands the range of the Play & Relax segment; four new Soft & Play activity centers are also added.

Brevi expands the range of car seats with two new models: Cx Isofix tt Group 1 characterized by the double side impact protection guaranteed by the high shock absorption shell and the low center of gravity of the seat and Tazio isofix tt Group 1/2/3 , the reclining seat with 5-point belts usable up to 25 kg.

The Brevi brand is acquired by Phi Industrial, an industrial investment fund based in Milan, Barcelona and Madrid. Phi industrial supports entrepreneurs to create sustainable value, through the growth of the business system and its people. The fund already has several equity investments in the Italian industrial landscape and with Brevi invests in new challenges in the baby products market.

InDue the super-light twin stroller, weighs only 9.7 kg, compact and with seats each approved up to 22 kg.

Thanks to its width of 74 cm it is possible to pass through doors of standard dimensions

Adon, the lightweight modular system (the frame weighs only 6.9 kg) and compact, approved up to 22 kg, with 180 ° recline and seat. Great practicality and manageability

Brevi launches, as a preview on a European scale, the first range of products with coatings treated with integrated antibacterial technology.

Chemically tested according to ISO 22196: 2011 early childhood regulations this treatment is 97% effective

The line was supported by an important launch campaign on social channels.